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Miller Engineering has provided engineering and construction services to a wide range of industrial and commercial clients since our inception.


Miller Engineering has been involved with commercial and industrial design projects since our start in 1992. Design services include:

Miller Engineering has been involved with several unique projects and industries in the course of our history. These include: (1) the sugar cane industry in South Florida; (2) ethanol industry; and (3) the thoroughbred horse industry in Florida.

Sugar Cane Industry
Miller Engineering has been involved with the sugar cane industry in Florida since our inception in 1992. We have worked with several of the main sugar cane mills and producers in Florida and we maintain a loyal commitment to this industry.
Services include:

Ethanol Industry
Miller Engineering has brought its sugar industry experience to the burgeoning ethanol industry in Florida. We have participated in permitting, design and construction of ethanol and waste-to-energy fermentation facilities in Florida.

Southeast Renewable Fuels, LLC has placed us on their team to develop the first Sorghum to ethanol production facility in Florida. We have designed and received all environmental permits necessary for construction and operation of the facility.

Thoroughbred horse facilities
Miller Engineering has been involved in several large-scale equestrian horse projects. Below are samples of recent projects.

Commercial Site Planning and Design
Are you developing a commercial property and need an experienced civil engineer to handle the site layout and design. We have extensive experience with commercial development and realize that cost-effective design is important. We use state of the art CADD technology, including the latest 3D civil design programs to insure that you receive the best service and quality with your development.